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Student Ombudsman

Xổ số hai điểmThe Student Ombudsman is an independent and neutral individual who must be designated by the Council of Commissioners and is mandated to:

  • inform student(s) or their parent(s);
  • direct their inquiries to the appropriate person;
  • receive, investigate and give an opinion on the merits of a complaint to the Council of Commissioners in order to recommend, if required, any appropriate corrective measures.

Xổ số hai điểmPlease refer to the for more information.

Xổ số hai điểmThe Student Ombudsman may only make recommendations to the Council of Commissioners; the Student Ombudsman cannot reverse or modify any decision, nor revise any by-law, policy or procedure of the School Board.

How to Contact the Student Ombudsman

Isabelle Turgeon, Student Ombudsman
C/O English Montreal School Board
6000 Fielding Avenue
Montreal, Quebec H3X 1T4
Tel: (514) 483-7200, ext. 7880
Ombudsman direct line: (514) 444-9130
Email:  studentombudsman@emsb.qc.ca

The Student Ombudsman does not act as counsel to the student’s parents or the student.