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Eat, Grow, Learn • Nourishing the minds of our students

The mission of Nutrition and Food ServicesXổ số hai điểm of the EMSB is to enhance the health, well-being and academic success of EMSB students.

The EMSB aims at promoting health-enhancing attitudes and behaviours among all students by providing an environment encouraging healthy eating habits. By ensuring access to nutritious foods through our school cafeteriasXổ số hai điểm and our nutritional support programs, we contribute to the achievement of our students’ full academic potential. By teaching the essential knowledge and skills students need to make nutritious food choices, we contribute to the prevention of childhood nutrition-related problems such as obesity, diabetes and dental diseases.

A Benefit to Our Students

Xổ số hai điểmEnjoying healthy foods, being physically active and feeling good about yourself are all part of living a healthy life.

According to the Xổ số hai điểm, developed by the (MEES), adopting and maintaining healthy eating habits and engaging in regular physical activity are key to young people’s personal and social development, since a healthy lifestyle and educational success go hand in hand.

The school environment is one that promotes the adoption and maintenance of healthy eating habits through various nutrition education activities and food programs offered.

The EMSB Nutrition Policy

Xổ số hai điểmThe applies to all food distribution (sold or donated) to students in all EMSB schools and centres during regular school activities (cafeteria, daycare service, nutritional support program, lunch service, vending machine, reward program, regular fundraising and extracurricular activity). 

Xổ số hai điểmAll administrators, teachers, staff, volunteers and governing boards have a responsibility to respect the Nutrition Policy by promoting/modelling healthy eating habits and distributing nutritious foods to students during regular school activities.

Xổ số hai điểmParents can actively participate in the implementation of the Nutrition Policy by optimizing the nutritional quality and variety of foods brought to school.